Cylinder Inspection

In Canada, compressed air cylinders must comply with the requirements issued by Transport Canada.
High pressure cylinders represent a risk that can be fatal if they are neglected and it is your responsibility to ensure their compliance with the standards and laws.

Whether you are the user or company offering the breathing air filling service from an air bank, it is important first to ensure that the cylinder or cylinders are in compliance before putting them under pressure.

Priority of verification:

Legality of the cylinder in Canada

Each cylinder has a permit number and if he doesn't appear in the registry of authorized cylinder by Transport Canada, the cylinder is not legal.

Manufacturing year (lifetime)

The high-pressure composite cylinders have a predetermined lifetime by the manufacturer. With the permit number and the manufacturing date of the cylinder, it is possible to verify if the cylinder has expired or not.

Valid hydrostatic test

Hydrostatic testing frequency varies according to the cylinder model. This frequency is established by Transport Canada according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Valid visual Inspection

The validity of visual inspection is 12 months and a sticker identifying the date on which the inspection was conducted shall be affixed on the cylinder. In the case of a due date or an illegible label, the cylinder is subject to another inspection before being returned to service.

Visible Damage(s)

If the cylinder shows a anomaly, it is important to not fill the cylinder and you must empty it of its pressure. Ask a qualified technician in order to achieve a accurate diagnosis.

Specialized services

Visual Inspection

Valid for a period of 12 months, visual inspection enables a diagnostic on the internal and external condition of the cylinder to ensure that it does not involve a risk.

Eddy Current Test

With the help of a probe, this accurate test allow to inspect the thread of the cylinder to determine if an hazardous imperfection or crack may be found.

Hydrostatic Testing

Required by Transport Canada, this test measures the expansion of the cylinder to ensure that it is able to withstand the pressure for which it was designed.


  • Internal cleaning
  • Rolling abrasion
  • Internal Sandblast(sandblast)
  • O2 Clean
  • Decontamination
  • Composite cylinder repair
  • Valve repair