Compressed breathing air specialist
Official Jordair Compressors distributor for the province of Quebec.
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All our filling stations are certified CSA and our SCBA filling stations have  the NFPA 1901 accreditation.

Emergency Service

Our support team is at your disposal 24/7 to restore and assure the operation of your filling station.

Sales & Installations

ACR Canada offers "turnkey" projects thus ensuring an installation meeting all safety standards.

Accredited Air Analysis

Analysis service for compressed breathing air performed by accredited laboratory in accordance with the CSA standards.

Maintenance & Repair

Offered throughout Quebec, our certified technicians will take care of your filling stations.

Operator Training

To operate your filling station safely, ACR Canada provides accredited training by Emploi-Québec.

At your service since 1974
ACR Canada is the reference in Quebec for the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of high pressure breathing air compressors.
Focused on safety services

The high pressure breathing air filling stations require preventive use to reduce the risk of accidents.

ACR Canada is committed to educate operators about the methods of use, facility compliance, the frequency of maintenance and analyzes.

The compressed breathing air can become toxic and even fatal if the station is neglected. When human lives depend on compressed breathing air, it is essential to know all the steps to follow in order to offer a quality product.

The compressor operator training offered by our team is strongly suggested.

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High Pressure System

  • Installation of filling stations
  • Maintenance of compressors & filling stations
  • Repairs

Accredited Air Analysis

  • Analysis according to CSA Z180.1 standard
  • Analysis according to CSA Z275.2 standard

Cylinder Inspection

  • Visual Inspections
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Washing & Rolling Abrasion
  • SCBA, Scuba, DOT/TC, ASME